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The Salamanders of Indiana!

Cool Salamander Info
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Cool Stuff about salamanders!

So, How do Salamanders eat? It is sounds very strange, but their eyes play a very important role while eating! When a salamander is about to swallow it's food, it's eyes sink down the sockets and help push the food down it's throat! 

Salamanders are very similar to snakes, in which they have small curved teeth similar to that of snakes. These teeth help keep a hold of their food, and they don't chew with them. Their teeth are shed throughout the manders life. Salamanders may bite when in an attempt to catch, but their jaws aren't strong enough to draw blood or inflict pain.

Why are salamanders slimy? Well, this answers why frogs, earthworms etc. are slimy, their skin is very sensitive, and must be kept moist or they will dry up. So special glands in the skin secrete this slimy substance, to coat the skin. Still, they must keep theirselves moist, or they may still dry up..

How do Salamanders survive during the winter? Like some frogs, salamanders can completely freeze during winter, and "come back to life" when they thaw out. It is truly amazing.