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The Salamanders of Indiana!

Endangered Manders
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Indiana Endangered Salamanders

Four toed salamander

Red Salamander

Green Salamander


According to the information that was provided to me at the IDNR office, only four species of salamanders are endangered in Indiana. I really don't understand how we only have four, when we have several species that haven't even been seen for years!

Why are they declining?

The atmosphere has something to do with it if you ask me, we are constantly polluting and polluting into the air, and the effects of it are becoming apparent. Increased ultraviolet light in the sky may be a factor to salamanders decline, but it isn't just Indiana, all of the USA's salamanders in certain cases are declining. Pollution is affecting our planet terribly, we need to stop it now, before its too late. Chemicals in the environment are also a huge factor to the decline, tying in with pollution. Forest and swamp destruction are also huge reasons.