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The Salamanders of Indiana!

Finding Salamanders
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What types of places to look for salamanders

You won't find a salamander in a hot dusty area, and you won't find one in a dry woodland area either. The only place you can find a salamander is a moist damp area, moist woodlands close to or located near a body of water, etc. Just remembering moist and damp woodland areas. Looking under rocks, rotted logs, inside of rotted logs, under wet grass, etc. The best time of year to look for manders is late fall and very early spring, when everybody else (reptiles and amphibians) are still away. They prefer much cooler temperatures than their cousins frogs and toads. I often had the best luck looking in early spring at night. Also, they may come out looking for earthworms just right after a long rain shower. Species such as the siren, pretty much the best time to find is during or shortly after a rainstorm.